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EVERYTHING we cover at VIDx LIVE will get amplified if you have your online video assets set up in the right manner. If you do not have any video assets yet, then you're going to be in for a definitely need to see this!

Upgrade Your Ticket to the VIDx LIVE - Platinum Package and you will receive a comprehensive audit of your essential online video assets, stepping you through the areas that you need to optimise for video performance. 

This audit summary will be delivered to you as a video recording in a step by step, screen cast walk-through video where you can follow over the shoulder as each step of the audit is carried out by Joshua Van Den Broek himself.  


Your next steps will become clear once your video assets have been audited; and over a 30min Coaching Call with Joshua, you will become more clear as to what your next steps should be to move you towards your goals.

Be stepped through this simple and achievable process; where you can follow your strategic game plan to amplify the performance of your videos.

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When you upgrade your ticket to the VIDx LIVE - Platinum Package you will receive a Guest Pass to one of our upcoming VIDx LAB events in 2019.

VIDx LAB is an exclusive event, where you get to workshop your video marketing strategies specifically for your business. Each event will have a theme and be limited to an intimate group of business owners.

These events are specifically customised for business owners who want to achieve fast growth and maximise performance using online video.

PS: More information about VIDx LAB will be revealed at VIDx LIVE. 

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