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SPECIAL OFFER: Upgrade Your VIDx LIVE Ticket To The VIP Package And Receive $2,720 Worth Of Bonuses For Only $97

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I am excited to accept this amazing offer to upgrade my ticket to the VIDx LIVE - VIP Package and take advantage of all these bonuses. I can't wait to attend this business changing event!

Here's What You Get For $97 ($2720 Worth Of Bonuses)

Priority VIP SEATING (value $197)

You will get up close and personal at the front of the room where you will sit in our exclusive VIP Only seating area.  

You will be within touching distance of our speaker - Joshua Van Den Broek, as he drops his latest knowledge bombs on what is working in video right now. Just sit back, get ready to take notes and enjoy our VIP experience first hand.  

Priority VIP Seating is strictly limited to those who secure a ticket upgrade. (ACT FAST - THESE SEATS ARE LIMITED!)

When it comes to winning on YouTube it is important that you deliver an amazing viewing experience, or risk your viewers leaving in droves. Our YouTube Success training will show you how you can create the ultimate viewing experience to keep them coming back for more.  

Then inside YouTube Profile Builder (DIY Edition) we will show you how to optimise your YouTube channel in a way that you can avoid having a 'Leaky Bucket' of viewers constantly leaving your channel.  

Whether you need to create a channel from scratch or optimise your existing one, this training you will learn the exact step-by-step process that we use to optimise the YouTube channels of our clients.

Get access to more than 7 modules of YouTube training when you upgrade your ticket to the VIDx LIVE - VIP Package.  

When it comes to video marketing, in the beginning it can often be a struggle for business owners. Whilst many understand that online video is important, it will often remain on their To-Do List for too long.

Whether it's procrastination, over-thinking or over-complicating what is really needed to get started with video; you just end up creating barriers that serve no purpose and only disempower you to the point of paralysis. 

The 5 Day Video Challenge is our solution to help you get started with video marketing quickly, so you can uncover what's been holding you back and gain a boost in confidence to strengthen your video muscles.

Receive the recordings from our last 5 Day Video Challenge when you upgrade your ticket. Binge-watch the lessons (Netflix style) and get a head start by taking action right away.

When you upgrade your ticket to the VIDx LIVE - VIP Package you also get the added bonus of receiving first preference to register to attend our upcoming VIDx LAB events in 2019.

To sweeten the deal further, you will also receive a $250 COUPON for you to redeem when you register to attend. 

VIDx LAB is an exclusive event, where you get to workshop your video marketing strategies specifically for your business. Each event will have a theme and be limited to an intimate group of business owners.

These events are specifically customised for business owners wanting to achieve fast growth and maximise performance using online video.  

PS: More information about VIDx LAB will be revealed at VIDx LIVE.

Plus You Also Get These Bonuses:

Essential Video Script Templates

Through our own experience of working with video marketing clients, one of the key reasons why business owners don't start creating videos to market their business themselves, is because they don't understand how to structure their videos. 

Without a clear structure to follow, you risk creating video content that doesn't engage your audience or deliver the outcome that you hope for. When that happens repeatedly, you lose confidence and if it continues, eventually you will give up thinking "this video thing doesn't work!"

Receive our Essential Video Script Templates when you upgrade your ticket to the VIDx LIVE VIP Package, so that you can create six different formats of video content with confidence.

Video Marketing Self-Audit Toolkit

Part of getting started with video is by using what you already have. But once you have started creating videos, you need to understand how you are going to level up your video marketing skills, your video production quality and the creative output of your videos over time.  

The Video Marketing Self-Audit Toolkit provides you with all of our recommendations when it comes to equipment, editing, publishing, marketing automation and support; that are all outlined inside our detailed Buyers Guide and Resource Companion

Additionally, you also get the Self-Audit Training Video to help you to review and audit your own video marketing and video production so you can identify areas to improve upon. 

Receive the Video Marketing Self-Audit Toolkit when you upgrade your ticket to the VIDx LIVE VIP Package.

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 I understand I will receive these bonuses upon registration at the event and if for some reason I don't make the event, they will be emailed to me digitally within 14 days of the events completion.