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Are You A Business Owner That's...

If you answered YES to any of those issues, don't worry you're not alone! Most business owners struggle with these facets of video marketing when they first start out.  

 But what if we could fix those things for you?

Wouldn't You Prefer To...

The Good News Is... 

You Can Do All Of Those Things With Online Video!

However the people that succeed with creating a video marketing machine are often the one's who seek out mentors to learn a better way of doing things...

Because you can quite easily end up down a rabbit hole wasting a tonne of time & money trying to figure it out yourself! 

Keep Reading To Find Out More...

Dear Business Owner,

Online juggernauts like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat have become some of the most powerful platforms online that are now available to help you to grow your business.  

But if you analyse each of them closely, there is one type of digital media that dominates all of these platforms... The answer is VIDEO.  

Whether it be live-streamed, pre-recorded, or in story bite sized dominates the internet right now and it is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. 

Already in 2018, 79% of all web traffic is driven by online video. The scary thing is this is predicted to rise to 90% by 2020! 

So it begs the question... 

"Do you plan on using video to market your business online?"

If the answer is no...then you may want to reconsider.

You may seriously be risking the future of your business if you choose to continue to ignore online video, like many other businesses who have been too slow to adopt the fast emerging media trend. 

A significantly reduced online reach and the opportunity that comes with it (for potenial new customers to find you onine) is all too common for those not using video.

I am not suggesting that video is the only way to grow your business...but I do believe that you need to have an awareness of the video revolution going on around you, that is continuing to change the way that business is conducted across the globe. 

The thing is going to continue with you or without you. So it's up to you... 

It doesn't matter what industry you're in or what it is you sell. Video marketing is one of the biggest opportunities available to you right now, to grow your business online.  

Join us at VIDx LIVE where you will learn the latest video marketing strategies, tips and tactics (that you can implement right away); PLUS learn how you can prepare your video strategy to grow your following, acquire new qualified leads and grow your business over the next 12 months!

What if all you needed to grow your business quickly and effectively with video was the right GAME PLAN!?!? 

Well that is exactly what I am going to share with you at my next VIDx LIVE event. Learn how to escape the bubble you've created for yourself, as I share what is working in the world of online video right now. 

Bring your pen and paper because this event is going to be like getting the keys to the kingdom, because I don't want you to have to figure out "this video thing" all on your own. 

Event Locations

Due to venue capacity restrictions, there is a limited supply of Free tickets per city, so don't delay any longer, RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY or risk missing out!

'So What Am I Going To Learn?'

That's a fair question and one you are probably asking yourself right now...

Sometimes it just takes one single idea, implementing that one strategy, or making one little adjustment, to take your video marketing from virtually ineffective to absolutely dominating your industry / niche.  

Below is just a small sample of what we will be covering together. 

The Ever Changing Face Of Video - Thriving In The Revolution

Did you know as of 2018 there are over 3.03 Billion people active on Social Media and it is growing at a rate of hundreds of millions of people each year?  

Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are some of the most powerful platforms available to generate new business.  

Knowing which platform you should choose to publish your video content on is one thing; but understanding how to get online video working for you is a critical step that no business owner should ignore. 

Rise Of The Machines - AI Is Changing The Way We Create Video

Creating video content that your viewers actually want to watch and engage with, can be an arduous task if you are using the old video creation model. 

But now with the rise of Artificial intellience (AI), video creators can now streamline the video creation process and further improve their efficiency.

Embracing AI means that you can start increasing the effectiveness of your video strategy to create meaningful video content right from the get-go, tailoring your videos to your audience’s individual interests.  

Developing Vidfluence - Utilising Video To Influence Consumer Behaviour

In a recent research study report written by Brightcove, more than 4,000 adults were surveyed; and video was found to be the most memorable form of content. 

As a business owner, we need to understand how consumers are motivated by different forms of content, so that we can focus our marketing efforts on the areas that can provide the greatest return on investment.

Learn how to utilise video to influence the consumer behaviour of your viewers to increase sales and brand engagement for your business.  

Rapid Fire: Video Marketing Tactics To Implement Right Away  

We all love new, shiny objects right? Well whilst video isn't actually still kinda feels a bit shiny, with the video revolution that currently surrounds us. 

But the reality is that video emerged as a growing trend over the past 5-10 years; and is only recently being adopted by the masses, as a form of online media that will form the core of most effective digital marketing strategies.  

In this Rapid Fire Round we will be sharing some of our easiest-to-implement video strategies, tips and tactics, that you can take back to your team to start working on.  

Simplifying This "Video Thing" - Prepare Your Video Strategy For Success

Most people fail with video because they over complicate things. Contrary to the common belief, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. 

Regardless of whether you want to build an audience, get more qualified leads or just convert more of your existing leads into sales; achieving your objectives comes down to how well you prepare your strategy. 

So in this session we will simplify this "video thing", so that you can learn how to best prepare your video marketing strategy for success.

Why Is This Free?

I often get told that I should charge thousands for the level of quality information that I share. But here's why I do it:  

For a start, I believe in the value equation where you should always aim to give more value than you expect to receive. 

Call it karma or whatever you like, but I know that in the long run things tend to even up; and in the meantime I'd rather be helping people master video than see them struggle. 

It's frustrating to see so many people refuse to embrace video due to the stories they tell themselves about their own "insecurities" and "reasons" (they're just excuses people), when all they need is someone to guide them.

Secondly, I'm currently on the lookout for a few more high level clients who I can work closely with over the next 12 months to help them to grow their businesses using online video.  

And I figured showing you some of my greatest strategies upfront was a great way of starting our relationship. 

If you become a client, that's awesome! But if not, don't sweat it. Just implement what I teach and we will both be happy!  

Regardless, VIDx LIVE will give you some quick wins and help us to decide if we are a good fit for each other...

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