Animated Explainer Video

Did You Know That An Animated Explainer Video Can Increase Your Online Sales By Up To 85%?

Why Animated Explainer Videos?

Message Clarity



Animated explainer videos are a simple, effective and engaging way for you to convey your message to your audience online. 

Our script writers use the power of story telling to engage your viewers to learn more about your business & fast track the rapport building process.

Building brand awareness is far easier with animated explainer videos. They increase information retention by up to 50% keeping you top of mind. 

We Design Every Animated Explainer Video To Get Real Results By Crafting Your Specific Message To Appeal To Your Target Audience

More Conversions

Premium Branding

Easy To Create

Animated explainer videos will keep your visitors on your website longer, rank you better in Google search and increase conversions by up to 85%.

Differentiate your business from the competition and establish yours as the premium brand by creatng an animated explainer video.

No need for you to be in front of the camera. Our animated explainer videos have been designed to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our Process


Concept Strategy Call

Our process starts as soon as we have received your order, where we send you a project questionairre to help us understand your business and your target market. We will also arrange a suitable time for you to meet with our Creative Director (via video conferencing), to discuss the finer details of your video project requirements and develop your concept strategy to effectively execute your animated explainer video.


Writing The Script

After the concept strategy has been approved our script writers will review all the information provided in the Concept Strategy Call and project questionairre. Following the analysis, our script writers will then begin working on writng the script for your animated explainer video and send to you for review. If any revisions are required, we will amend the script and repeat the process until it gets your approval.


Creating The Storyboard

When the script has been approved our team will review your script and creative design suggestions that were made during the Concept Strategy Call. This analysis will help our team to begin creating the storyboard for your animated explainer video. Upon completion we will send to you for review and any necessary revisions will be amended until it meets your approval ready for illustrating.


Illustrations and Voice Over

Once the script and storyboard have been approved, your animated explainer video will begin to take shape as our team of illustrators prepare for your project for animation. Whilst this is happening you get to choose your preferred voice over artist from the samples we send you (this is based on the completed questionairre in step 1); or you can submit your own voice over to use in your project instead.  


Animating The Video

The next step after you approve the illustrations and voice over that you want to use in your video, is for our team of animators to synchronise all of the elements together. This means having the illustrations to move synchronistically with each audio element so that your animated explainer video gets results. This will be sent to you for review and any necessary revisions will be amended until it meets your approval.


Publishing The Video

The final step of the process requires each of the previous steps to be approved before we can publish your animated explainer video. This means you should have someone responsible for reviewing and approving each step of the process. Once everything is all approved, we will then deliver your animated explainer video in the specified formats outlined in step 1, to use according to your requirements.

Our Portfolio

Every animated explainer video that we create has been purposely designed to meet the specific project objectives for each of our clients. Whilst their objectives may be different to yours, the ability for you to work closely with our creative design team allows you to be involved throughout the whole process and ensure that we create an animated explainer video specific to your needs.

Here are just a few pieces of our work to give you a starting point for developing your own design concept so that you can discuss further with our Creative Director during your Concept Strategy Call.  

“Imagination is the true magic carpet.” - Norman Vincent Peale


We understand that you may be wanting to keep a close eye on your budget when it comes to choosing a production company to create an animated explainer video for you and your business. Deciding whether to compromise on video quality or your budget can often be a headache.

To put your mind at ease, we have compiled some pricing information for you to help you decide whether the quality of our Animated Explainer Videos fits within your allocated budget for this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who actually creates my video?

We take a team orientated approach to every project we start. Whilst the creative direction and project management is done in-house, we collaborate with talented copywriters, illustrators, animators, and voice over artists from all around the world. 

This setup gives us flexibility to ensure that we are able to take your animated explainer video concept and bring it to life. 

How long does it take?

You can expect video production to take around 4-6 weeks on average. This does not include time required for your feedback and any revisions, that could increase production time further. 

Every project is unique, so video production time depends on its complexity and duration. The rest depends on how quickly the client provides feedback, how many revisions are needed, and the complexity of those changes.

How do we get started?

The best place to start is to review our pricing and assuming that you approve, then schedule a call to ensure that we can meet your project objectives. 

Assuming you are happy to proceed, you can place your order and we will send you a Video Services Agreement. 

An initial 50% deposit of the project total is required before we schedule your Concept Strategy Call with our Creative Director as outlined in Step 1 of Our Process

Who owns the rights to the video?

You own the rights to the video, meaning it is all yours to use as you please. The only thing we request is that if you are satisfied with your published video that we are able to use it as part of our own portfolio to showcase our work. This is all outlined in the Video Services Agreement.