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BLACK FRIDAY HOLIDAY BUNDLE includes: Bonus #1 - The 5 Day Video Challenge (Value $497) Bonus #2 - YouTube Training Bundle (Value $697) Bonus #3 - Video Self Audit Toolkit (Value $497) Bonus #4 - Video Script Templates (Value $582)  

Total Value = $2273

Joshua Van Den Broek

Meet Your Teacher

Joshua is a video marketing strategist, creative director, speaker and coach who helps entrepreneurs build their influence and income with online video. He is extremely passionate about helping people just like you to get started with video marketing and where better to start than in these trainings.  

As the CEO at Droid Media - an Australian based digital marketing agency, Joshua and his team have worked with hundreds of businesses across a variety of industries; designing video marketing campaigns for lead generation, brand building, product launches, asset creation, customer acquisition, and more.  

Joshua speaks on stage and hosts live events, teaching business owners how to leverage online video using his business growth system in which YouTube is a significant part. This is your chance to dive in and take advantage of his teachings inside this BLACK FRIDAY HOLIDAY BUNDLE.  

What Our Students Say

The 5 Day Video Challenge 

The 5 Day Video Challenge is the perfect place for you to start regardless of whether you are reasonably new to video marketing (or perhaps you are yet to start). 

The challenge was designed to be held over five consecutive days, delivering daily video lessons and related challenges for you to complete (so you get to practice what you learn). 

You now have the opportunity to binge-watch the lessons Netflix-style (with each lesson building on the previous one), so you can build the confidence needed to get started with creating video to implement into your marketing.

Here's What You Will Learn: 

Video Psychology

Learn how to get out of your head and get started with video.

Getting Comfortable

Learn how to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Growing With Video

Learn how you can use video content to grow your business.

Planning Your Videos

Learn how to plan your video content to save time & money.

Publishing Your Videos

Learn where you should publish your video content.

YouTube Success Training Bundle  

This YouTube Success training will show you how you can win on YouTube by creating the ultimate viewing experience and avoid viewers leaving in droves.

Inside YouTube Profile Builder (DIY Edition) we will show then you how to optimise your YouTube channel in a way that you can avoid having a 'Leaky Bucket' of viewers constantly leaving your channel.  

Whether you need to create a channel from scratch or optimise your existing one, you will learn the exact process that we use to optimise our clients YouTube channels. 

Here's What You Will Learn: 

Getting Started

Create a YouTube channel or upgrade an existing one.

Advanced Features

Unlock advanced features for your YouTube channel.

Channel Settings

Configuration and setup instructions for your channel.

Viewing Experience

Optimising your YouTube channel's viewer experience.

Channel Organisation

Organise your YouTube channel for performance.

Plus You Also Get These Bonuses

Video Marketing Self-Audit Toolkit - includes Buyers Guide (Value $497) 

Part of getting started with video is by using what you already have. But once you have started creating videos, you need to understand how you are going to level up your video marketing skills, your video production quality and the creative output of your videos over time.  

The Video Marketing Self-Audit Toolkit provides you with all of our recommendations when it comes to equipment, editing, publishing, marketing automation and support; that are all outlined inside our detailed Buyers Guide and Resource Companion

Additionally, you also get the Self-Audit Training Video to help you to review and audit your own video marketing and video production so you can identify areas to improve upon. 

Essential Video Script Templates - includes 6 Video Styles (Value $582) 

Through our own experience of working with video marketing clients, one of the key reasons why business owners don't start creating videos to market their business themselves, is because they don't understand how to structure their videos. 

Without a clear structure to follow, you risk creating video content that doesn't engage your audience or deliver the outcome that you hope for. When that happens repeatedly, you lose confidence and eventually you give up, thinking "this video thing doesn't work!" 

In the Essential Video Script Template bundle you will learn how to craft six different video styles, including YouTube, How-To, About Us, Testimonial, Welcome and Thank You videos.

What Our Clients Say

Jeff Wenberg - LeadPages  

"Joshua is someone who I am constantly looking at to see how he is using video for his clients and the different strategies he is using to run his marketing campaigns online." 


Sashka Hanna-Rappl - BrandSashka  

"Joshua and his team have done an amazing job for me and my clients on a number of video marketing projects. I am so happy about working with them."

Toney Fitzgerald - Big Digital  

"I have had the privilege of my clients using Joshua's services and I cannot fault anything that he does. He has really good processes and delivers excellent results."


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That's A Total Value Of $2273 ALL FOR 1 PAYMENT OF $97 TODAY! OR 3 x $37 FORTNIGHTLY