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The 5 Day Video Challenge 

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Video 2

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Accelerate Your YouTube Success (Masterclass Training) 

YouTube Profile Builder (DIY Edition)

In this training program you will learn...  

  • The exact same step-by-step process that we use to optimise the YouTube channels of our clients. 
  • How to create your own YouTube channel from scratch, 
  • How to configure all the advanced features and settings required to give your channel the kickstart it needs.
  • How to build a YouTube brand to enhance the viewing experience of your audience and convert them into loyal subscribers. 
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes that YouTube channel owners typically make, so that you can jump ahead to pro status fast.
  • Get instant access to all six (6) training modules in MP4 video or if you prefer audion, in MP3 audio format as well.

Training Modules

Essential Video Script Templates

How-To Video

Follow the same video script template we use to create 'How-To' videos.

YouTube Video

Follow the same video script template we use to create YouTube videos.

About Us Video

Follow the same video script that we use to create 'About Us' videos.

Thank You Video

Follow the same video script template we use to create Thank You videos.

Testimonial Video

Follow the same process we use to create client Testimonial videos.

Welcome Video

Follow the same video script template we use to create Welcome videos.

Video Production Self Audit Toolkit

Don't Make It Complicated... 

As business owners, we can often overthink and over-complicate a relatively simple situation. Embarking on your video marketing journey for the first time, need not be a complication or overwhelming situation. Getting started with video, should really be as simple as it sounds. 

Remember, you are just getting started. It is not essential that you make a cinematic masterpiece with your first video. You want to get started first and foremost, or you will not get anywhere. And the easiest way to do so is by using what you already have. With time you can start levelling up your video marketing skills and the creative output of your videos based on resources or budgets you have available to invest into video production. 

Download The Resource Companion & Watch The Training Video below to learn how you can self-audit your video marketing, to see how you can improve the quality of your video production even if you are on a budget.