5 Day Video Challenge

Are You Ready To Start Your 5-Day Video Challenge?

What Is The 5 Day Video Challenge? The 5 Day Video Challenge is the perfect place for you to start if you are reasonably new to marketing your business using online video. Held over 5 consecutive days this challenge delivers daily video lessons and challenges for you to complete, that will help you to start implementing online video into your marketing whilst supporting you in an online community.

Why Is It Only 5 Days? People like easy. People like safety. People like feeling comfortable. The thing is...if we stay in a place of safety or comfort, doing things that come easy to us...we will never grow. We believe in the Kaizen principle, where we seek to take incremental steps towards continuous improvement. This challenge is just one of those many steps you should take to improve.

Do I Really Need To Use Video? If you're here you've probably already heard from someone that you should start using video to market your business. But to emphasise precisely why should use video, then you should know some statistics about its importance.

In 2018, it is predicted that 79% of all web traffic will be driven by online video and it is expected that this number will rise up to nearly 90% by 2020 (now can you imagine that!) So if you do not start including video as part of your marketing strategy, then you are really limiting your potential market share and may even struggle to get found online.

But I Don't Know Where To Start... Don't worry you're not alone. Video marketing can often be a struggle for most business owners at the beginning. We tend to over-think or over-complicate what is actually needed to get started with video, creating barriers for ourselves that serve no real purpose and only disempower us. 

This is why we created The 5 Day Video Challenge to give you a simplified blueprint of exactly what you need to do to get yourself started with video. We break the process down into micro commitments, to help move your business forward.

So How Will The Challenge Work? When you sign up to the challenge you will be invited to join our private Facebook group where all of our video trainings, challenges and community discussions will take place.

Each day of the challenge you will receive a video lesson for you to watch and a daily challenge for you to complete (that will be related to that lesson). We encourage you to take action as soon as possible; and post your results and / or ask questions in the group, so we can help support you on your journey.

To wrap things up, there will also be a LIVE Q&A every month. This way our Challengers that have any remaining questions after completing the challenge answered on the call; and understand what your next steps should look like.

Sound Like A Lot To Manage? Don't worry if you can't commit to taking a daily action, you do have the entire week to complete the challenge (plus we will run the challenge again each week). However if you can get it all done in the 5 days, then you will find that you will start working your video marketing muscles and everything will start to clicking into place for you. That's the secret sauce!

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Meet Your Challenge Facilitator 


If you are on this page, it is safe for me to assume that either:

1) You Already Know Me (to some degree) and the type of events that I like to run; or you may even know of the kind of work that I do for my video marketing clients... 


2) You've Been Recommended (by someone else who does) to join the challenge because they feel it would be a good way for you to kick start video marketing in your business.


3) You Ended Up Here By Accident and have no idea who I am or what I do whatsoever. Regardless, I am really glad you are here! 

As a digital media agency owner and a video marketing strategist, I am extremely passionate about helping business owners to get started with marketing their business with online video.

My promise to you is that if you can stay the course of this challenge, things will start getting clearer for you with how you can use video and how you can start implementing it into your business marketing strategy

See you inside!


Joshua Van Den Broek

Joshua Van Den Broek Video Marketing Strategist & Creative Director  

Founder of Droid Media & Video Marketing Done For You 

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